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Client Testimonials


Coach Deb Cole consults Radio Show Host on how to makeover his Twitter account to get more followers.



Footage captured by a fan cam during a presentation Coach Deb gave at a University “behind closed doors”.


Rave reviews from Coach Deb’s Clients at RPM Success Group® Inc.


“Number one in national sales in less than 60-days”

“…Sometimes being successful in business can be just as dangerous as struggling because improvements seem tougher to make… But small highly targeted changes made over time make a BIG difference.

In less than 60-days after hiring CoachDeb and joining the Business Owners Club, I took my ITEX franchise sales to # 1 in the nation!

“I increased my bottom line nearly two-fold in the last three months!”

“Without ever meeting Steve or me in person, you were able to identify our complimentary strengths and show us how to apply them for maximum results. Starting right from day one with the foundation of the assessments, you saved us months of valuable time by alerting us to business issues that we might encounter in the future, and you helped us plan in advance for future responsibilities based on our strengths.

In just a few weeks we were headed in the right direction. Your coaching insight was a much-needed blessing for us. Best of all, we are confident that as new entrepreneurs, we are equipped with solid money-making skills that will allow us to achieve our business and lifestyle goals … no matter what the economy is doing!

Through your coaching we’ve learned how to make more solid business decisions, improve our real estate investing and management skills, and you’ve introduced us to so many new or rarely publicized methods of investing. Since our coaching started, Steve started a new business (and a new career) and is months ahead on his projected cash flow, and I have improved the bottom line on my business substantially — almost two fold in the last three months!”

Ex-Google Researcher learns more from CoachDeb about internet marketing than from Google!

“I’m sorry I didn’t start sooner!”

“As an image consultant and small business owner, I had become overwhelmed with all the different ways that I could grow my company. I felt like an octopus with all these tentacles trying to grab at any and all ideas that floated my way. Now with CoachDeb’s coaching I have new tools to help me with time management, consistent support to help me stay focused on my target market, and the inspiration (and information) I need to make successful presentations.”

“In just hours you were able to help me solve challenges I’ve been struggling with for years!”

Dear Deborah,

“It’s not easy for a business owner to realize that old ways produce old results. It’s even harder to acknowledge and change those old ways.

In just our first few hours coaching together you helped me uncover and develop a plan to address the specific areas for improvement in my business that I’ll have the most leverage in. (By the way — I’ve been struggling with this challenge, and accepting meager profits because of it, for the last five years.)

You’ve been asking some tough, targeted questions that have allowed me to organize my thoughts like I’ve never done before – and that’s saying a lot for a trial attorney. Your line of questioning enabled me to describe my company to an outsider in a way I’ve never done before. The weak spots that were graphically revealed will equip us to focus all our energy on these areas right away instead of scattering our limited time to improve systems.

Thanks for your insight! I think the revolving door I was considering to handle my staff turnover won’t have to be installed after all.”

Coach Deb, You ALWAYS Over Deliver on every call!

“…I take part in a lot of coaching teleclasses and the BIG difference with your coaching format is that it is content-rich and content-driven. You always hold us accountable to measurable results, and you always over-deliver! …”

“I’ve accomplished more in the last five months than I did in the last five years!”

“I just had to drop you a quick note to say thank you! I would be lost without your insight and accountability!! No book (and I read mountains), or seminar event (I’ve attended dozens) can ever come close to the motivation, clarity and focus I get out of the weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls.

You have helped me focus on and accomplish in five months what I could not get done in five years of trying on my own. I’ve taken leadership of our third-generation family business, started my real estate investment, spun off our own property-development corporation and I’m in the midst of a long dreamed-about relocation! You are a rare talent and you definitely deliver what you claim!!! I can’t wait to see what you can help me accomplish in the next six months of coaching.”

“…$10,000 last month alone”

“Thanks to our coaching I’m making money — more than I’ve ever made in my life! Brought in an extra 10k last month. In the second half of this year I’ll have done 500k in contracting business. I’ve got signed contracts for projects up until at least march. And a couple more pending!”

A natural skeptic running a major Hotel proves how CoachDeb get results

“As a natural skeptic, I was impressed by your ability to get right to the core of the issues slowing our progress. You really know what you’re talking about.
We’re always looking for ways to help our employees work toward our common goals, while maintaining the individuality and creativity that makes our industry what it is. The hotel industry is staffed by people who love to interact with others, but may not always understand why. That’s always been my greatest challenge as a leader. But you have the perfect combination of coaching, assessments and group learning solutions to help that process along greatly. The resources that we’ve utilized in yearly retreats have brought the teams (across all departments) together into one big cohesive team. Just about everyone involved now has a noticeably better appreciation of how all departments are necessary for a successful hotel operation.
Most of all you’ve laid out the practical steps and given us the insight needed to assure continued success — both professionally and personally.”
Geoff Conrad
Somerset Hills Hotel
General Manager & Director of Operations for all locations

On the fast track of business growth

“After three-and-a-half years in business I’m now laserfocused on my goals, restructuring my business, and most importantly — staying on track.”

Thanks Coach Deb! Your Publicity secrets really work!!!

“Within 48-hours of the call where we went over PR strategies I obtained front page coverage in Hawaii’s #1 daily newspaper! Since then I’ve been interviewed on TV and written up in every major business publication in the state.

Thanks for coaching me in practical strategies that work in the real world!”

“A heartfelt thanks to CoachDeb!

Being an entrepreneur with the determination to succeed is what allows me to continually look for avenues that have me be the best in all aspects of my business and my life.

When I discovered Small Business, Big Profits, I knew that I finally found a program that was street smart and could produce results! And, this is from a marketing professional with 25 years in the business!

Other, more traditional, marketing courses teach theory. While theory is useful, it is knowing what works that gets results.

Your MBO marketing course gave me the tools to move my business forward. It is because of what I learned that I re-engineered my business from Marketing Consultant to Business Growth Specialist.That single change has opened more doors than I was able to do previously.

Add that knowledge and new positioning with your coaching, and I’m well on my way, generating results in record time! I’m on track to tripling sales over last year.”

Again, thank you!

Marney S. Kaye
Business Growth Specialist
Kaye & Associates

“You just saved me a week’s worth of work…”

“Deborah, thanks for another great coaching session! The practical action steps you helped me lay out have kept me focused, positive and patient — all in the midst of turmoil!!! Thanks for being such a great coach – you continue to amaze me with your insight!

Also … I just want to let you know how inspiring last month’s free report and this week’s article have been. I’m using them as tools to help organize the team in the firms’ daily planning session that you suggested. You just saved me a week’s worth of work and hours of trial and error. Just another great benefit of being in a coaching relationship with you! Thanks!”

– Pearl Kamalu
Business Manager
Honolulu, HI

Case Study by New Franchise Owner on Team Building

“My turnover is practically nil…”

JimFrederick Robison (or Rob, as he likes his friends to call him) is the owner of a thriving regional office that is part of a national franchise for non-medical in-home senior care. Rob’s challenge was not finding business clients, he was flooded with more clients than he could handle. Instead, his challenge was finding good employees to serve all his clients. He was looking for an effective way to identify, hire, and then efficiently train the best candidates possible. Here’s his answer to the question, “What is your best advice?” asked by a new franchise owner looking for guidance:

“I can’t recommend strongly enough working with an RPM Business Owners Coach. Even after 35 years in senior and professional positions what you’ve provided in your one on one coaching is invaluable — totally on target, personalized, and directly applicable professionally.

I didn’t grow up in the era of electronic education and I was initially concerned that the phone and internet based coaching would be impersonal and distant — but this was definitely NOT the case. I very quickly became comfortable with the telephone conference method.

Working with Deborah “virtually” from her office in Hawaii couldn’t have been more convenient and interactive!

We worked together to build an assessment package to help our franchise owners understand why an applicant wants to work as a caregiver and accurately identify how they are likely to function in a variety of client-customer scenarios.

My turnover now is practically nil, and I have a tremendous staff that works because they love it — not just for the money!

Management now is a relative breeze.

Don’t struggle another day, start working with Deborah and one of her RPM Success Coaches today!”

– Rob Robison
Comfort Keepers Assisted Living
Shrewsbury, NJ

Case Study on Sales System

“Nine new orders the first day I implemented what you taught…”

“CoachDeb, I just had to let you know the great results I am getting already following your coaching advice. As you suggested, I went all out and made an irresistible offer. The response was incredible! I decided to extend it one more day and I am so glad I did.

My sales skyrocketed! I received a total of 24 additional orders in just two days. These brought in extra profits, during a time when I didn’t seem able to be able to get people to buy online.

My sales went from 0 in the past 10 days to 9 orders the first day I implemented the strategies you taught; and then I received an order for 15 baskets from a financial institution on the second day.”

Case Study of a Start Up Business Owner:

Tripled her business growth

Heather Bresser demonstrated her wisdom in hiring us in the beginning stages of her start-up business. She had the right qualities for being a successful business owner, she just needed the right strategies that were proven to work in the world of small business. Since she didn’t have start up capital, she needed low to no cost marketing strategies to attract new clients to her new business as quickly as possible.

After three months of “going it alone” in her business, with no clients to speak of, she hired Coach Deb and went to having three clients within one month, and another 10 in her pipeline. After a few private coaching sessions, we re-branded her company name, resulting in her getting TOP listing on directories and the internet.

Voraciously devouring the book that comes with the course material for her Small Business BIG Profits TeleCourse, and diligently completing all the homework assigned to her, Heather had a FULL PRACTICE to manage in less than 6 months! Simultaneously, she worked on turning it into a viable Business, that relied more on leveraging other people’s time and talents, in order to free up more of her time, allowing her to spend more time with her young children and bring in more profits for the same amount of time, effort and money.

“Thank you so much for your endless support and advice! You are invaluable! I am blessed to have found you and teamed up with you.

And thank you again for the coaching sessions yesterday. I can’t tell you enough what confidence boosters they are for me.

As a start up company, my business growth is at least three times faster than before starting my coaching! From all the endless tips during our private coaching sessions to the step-by-step strategies in my group coaching program. My business is booming thanks to your help!”

Case Study of a Thriving Executive

20% increase in clients in three months

Tina is an outstanding achiever. She accomplished all of her initial goals after just three months of coaching. Among those goals achieved were: bought her own home, grew her client base by 20%, increased profit margins by 25%, scheduled her time to allow her to lose 20+ pounds, and has structured her business schedule so she arrives home in time to pick up her daughter from school (spending time mentoring her for future success, leaving a lasting legacy beyond her business goals). Here’s what Tina has to share about RPM Success Coaching:

“CoachDeb, I always get so much more out of my coaching sessions than I bargain for! I can honestly say now that there’s nothing like having your own personal coach when you’re running a business, or shooting for a large goal! Our coaching relationship is so unique, and I gain so much clarity during and following our coaching time together. Plus, I’m much more motivated and focused after each session.

I’ve always accomplished a lot on my own … but this saves me so much time, I’m going to be calling you on a regular basis. It’s a resource I know I’ll call upon time and time again.”

Case Study in Time Management

“I now have control over 80%+ of my time…”

Jeph is a man who had a lot of potential hidden just below the surface when he first started his coaching program. Unfortunately he had taken some assessments and gotten some training that misidentified his greatest strengths. He was putting a tremendous amount of effort into the wrong areas of leadership and personal development. Now, after just six months of coaching, read how he’s benefited, and how he’s now able to leverage his time to positively impact many more people’s lives:

“During an eight-month series of weekly coaching sessions that involved developing my personal leadership skills, I have seen significant changes to my personal time management and team-building abilities. I have gone from having control of less then 20% of my daily schedule to an amazing 80%-plus control.

In team-building and delegation I have gone from leading two teams and doing 75% of the work … to now leading four teams and delegating 85% of the work.

The results have been profitable both relationally and financially. I went from having one night a week with my family to now three nights; and have earned a substantial raise in the last year based on increased job performance as a result of the coaching I received from my RPM Success Coach.”

How a Trial Attorney uses CoachDeb:

Turning stress into an ally

“I’m amazed at all the benefits I received from my Success Coaching with CoachDeb. You’ve been the catalyst for me to look at things in ways I’ve never taken the time to think about before — and it all makes perfect sense! For example, after just two sessions, I was able to tackle an important (but boring) project I’ve had on the back burner for four months now. I had never been able to associate any type of fulfillment or motivation from completing it — so it was never a priority. But now, with the new insight you gave me, I’ve tackled the project and gotten it done in less than two weeks! I am also a worrier by nature, and I’ve learned from my coaching that worry and anxiety do not serve my goals. You continue to coach me through practical ways to stay motivated and focused in the tough arena of law. I am especially interested in pursuing my relationship with you so that I can better learn to handle stress — or as you’ve promised — turn it into my ally!”

Success in business and weight loss! 

“CoachDeb, I wanted to let you know this has been a great week. I just signed up two new clients in one week! Both have serious clutter problems I know I can really help them which makes what I do rewarding. Your pep talk last week was just what I needed before I went to my appointment. I signed her on as a client AND I took your advice about upselling, as I offered packages for her to choose from.Then, I had another meeting this afternoon with another prospect. I tried to remember what you advised and I did my best to drive the conversation in that way. Oh, I also offered her a discount for her first two sessions by setting the appointments today! (Like you suggested in giving her the sense of urgency to sign up before I walked out the door.)

Well, it worked! Another new client! I also wanted to tell you that I enjoyed listening to your teleclass on Saturday. Although you’ve shared much of what you said with me in our private sessions (guess I got the privileged info first) I think it is worthwhile to hear these strategies again, so I remember to apply what I’ve learned.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us!

PS: I just got home from SWIMMING! I’m really proud of myself, I’ve been swimming at least 4 times a week – I’m working up to 6 times a week – could happen this week! Thanks for the motivation principles. They really work! “

Kelly Galvin


This helps so much.

All the added value, bonus case studies, example and reports you give us go way above what you promised in the course! Wow!

Thanks a bazillion!!”

“You over-deliver on every single class and coaching session!”

“Thanks to your guidance, coaching and your TeleCourse, I am now a CPBA. (Certified Professional Behavior Analyst)

Thanks for your deep and never-ending support. You are awesome! I’m glad I believed in you … AND you surpassed my expectations by a long margin!

Update just a week later…

I feel fantastic that I’m also now a CPVA (Certified Professional Values Analyst) and can add this tool to my coaching business.


You keep WOWING me with how much you over-deliver on every single class and coaching session.

“You’ve hit the nail on the head for me. I have been studying goal setting for more than 25 years and I had found myself achieving some limited success over the years, but never really empowering my dreams. I have studied from some of the great masters, read the books, attended the seminars, listened to the tapes, recited the mantras — but something was always missing.I would act and have some success but I would eventually regress and even lose that which I had obtained.But that is where the “missing link” was and you hammered it straight home for me. I planned how to achieve my goals, BUT I planned generally without being very specific, and I never wrote down on paper how I would accomplish my plans. I would work daily on my goals, but I worked without the blueprint.

Can you imagine what a skyscraper or a bridge would like like, if it ever did get built, if the plans used for construction existed only in the architect’s mind and were never put on paper? That’s what I was doing with my goals and, as a result, I was shortchanging myself and my family.

Deb, thank you for your coaching and your teleclinic ‘Boosting Your Business GPA and Fulfilling Your Dreams’.”

– J. Kevin King, Esq.
Lutz, FL

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend other coaching classes from ‘other companies’ and although they were ‘good’ they never seemed to give me what I was looking for. They provided good information however, I felt I could of very well been listening to a tape.
Deborah, was much different. She was truly a coach. Her inspirational comments, practical tips, listening skills and follow up techniques just clicked so well for me. She’s the kind of coach you need if you really want to go somewhere and move yourself to action.Thank you Deborah, for providing the most pleasant and profitable coaching experience I’ve ever had.”
“Last week I was a doubter at how your suggestions would really work. This week I’m convinced! The tools you recommend in setting our company priorities for the week, day, hour has really helped my team. Follow this stuff — it REALLY works. Thanks for making a difference!”– Morris A. Sutton, V.P. of LollyTogs Inc.
Real Estate investor, community humanitarian.

“… Jam packed with practical info…”

“Thank you for an informative, entertaining and inspiring teleclass this afternoon.

The session was completely jammed packed with practical information that I can apply to my business right now. I must admit I was surprised you stayed on the call for an additional thirty minutes taking our questions! As a result, I received double value, proving that it really is all about providing value for your customers.

I was surprised at myself, too, because this is the first workshop that I have ever hung around that long!”

Delena Kelley
Certified Sales Success Coach

“Thank You Both!!!!!!!!!! There’s not a whole lot else to say … I can almost say I am speechless with gratitude to the two of you for not just taking the time for us when we needed it most … but for spending an entire evening into the early morning hours! That is unheard of in the business world! Your sacrifices are so greatly appreciated!!You’re always amazing us with the insight and wisdom you bring to us as business owners. We will do our best not to disappoint the time and knowledge you both have invested in us.”– Sarah and Joe Pecoraro
Owners of The Landsculptors Inc.
“Your recent TeleClass (Communicating in Style) was outstanding! I have been taking Teleclasses for over five years. Deborah’s Teleforum was by far the best one I have ever taken — hands down. It served as a confirmation of my role in business. I learned new ways to leverage what I have been doing for years.”– Therese Prentice
“John-Paul & Deb,You two do such a FABULOUS newsletter! (The Business Owner’s Journal) Of the many I receive, it’s one of the few I read through.

“I’m so grateful to be able to have participated in your class today. I truly feel it was THE best in content that I have observed… Many thanks… I feel I gained in many ways, personally and professionally! Thank for allowing me to join you and your (Movers and Shakers) group!I feel so comfortable and can share so openly in your class… You make it happen for me! I’m so appreciative, I find it such a pleasant atmosphere that you create in your group setting; a caring, sharing and educational environment that means so much to me and my business! CoachDeb, you are The Energizer Coach!

– Doreen Petersen
Coach & Facilitator
Victoria, BC Canada

“Thanks–I have to say, I love your weekly column in the business section of the daily newspaper! It’s clear, concise, and I am riveted to it until I finish the article! Good work, and thank you so much.”

Melissa Chang

“I signed up for this course last December and it was a great decision. I committed to only take 3 courses in the first quarter of the new year and was being very choosey about what I selected. I wanted to make sure I got maximum value from the programs I selected. To begin with, I had several telephone calls with you prior to enrolling in which you were extremely helpful in explaining what the course would cover.
I found every class to be value packed. Out of the four months I don’t think there was ever one time we ended on the hour. Each week Deborah provided anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes additional information over and above what was expected. Despite the fact that this was a group setting, I still received lots of one on one support and marketing tips on each of the calls. The only thing I would do differently next time would be to tape each of the calls so I could listen to your strategies over and over again.On the last class, which was today, there were only 3 of us who were able to make it, and I felt I had the gift of a private consulting session regarding the new business I am launching. I took 11 pages of notes and you sent me several additional resources within an hour of the call ending.I was literally blown away with specific steps you gave me to take to create a successful launch of my new business.I would highly recommend this class to anyone and everyone and I intend to hire you on a consultant basis any time I need marketing advice. You are a master of your craft and I consider myself very fortunate to have had this opportunity to work with you…”Sincerely,
Judi Finneran
Coach & Entrepreneur
Dharma Entities Inc.
Los Angelos, California

“You care about my success”

“OH YOU ARE A GEM CoachDeb!!

I do appreciate all that you do for me! Your care and concern touches me, REALLY!

Thanks again for such an awesome class. I have to say, you make an excellent facilitator and teacher!! I taped the class again today to re-listen to it over and over again. There was so much great information, I could hardly keep up with my notes.

I was re-listening to the tape as I drove around Kailua this afternoon when I needed to get out for a while and it is sooo clear how you present things.

Anyway, can’t wait till 1:30 tomorrow to get certified once and for all as a CPBA and CPVA. I’ll be so looking forward to just taking a huge deep breath of relief to finally have this done.

Thanks for these tools as well. What a help!


“Your TeleCourse was very well structured and it was easy to follow along. I loved the fact that people from all walks of life and different countries could get together to learn together and share their insights.
Your coaching was very upbeat and it’s obvious that your students all respect you very much.You’re a brilliant coach. Great stuff!”
Danilo Marrone
Professor at Tokai University
Trainer, Speaker

“Thanks for today. With your coaching and guidance I’ll be able to successfully transition into full partnership with Ralph in record time. You two make a great team – I can’t imagine one without the other!God speed and to your health!

Angel DeCosta
R & J Property Management
Oahu, HI

“I now have a clear vision and focus for my business”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the coaching session last night. I could not believe it when you mentioned that we had five minutes left, I was so engrossed in what I was learning that I had no idea what the time was.

I have given some thought to my USP for my alpaca business and while it is nowhere near complete I am already thinking of something along the lines of “Lifetime Quality, Lifetime Support” I know I need to add some emotion and something more specific to it, but I finally feel I have something to work from.

I now have my clear vision and focus for my business posted on an index card on a shelf just above my computer monitor. I decided to start with a two month vision and then progressed through 6 months, 1 year and 5 years. My vision is now in writing and I am sure that will help me to stay focused.

The questions you told us to think about regarding success have generated some of my deeper feelings about my business and how I handle it. I think it might be interesting to ask myself the same questions later on in the course and see how my answers change.

Well I am sure that I have taken enough of your time. I just wanted to share with you some of what I gained from last nights session.

I will be on the road in Colorado next Wednesday. I am trying to figure out how I will be able to call in to the next class as I really do not want to miss it, I am sure I will figure something out!”

Subject: This week’s article from your weekly column in the Business Section of the Star Bulletin: Deborah,

Your article brought tears to my eyes.

I need to print it out and see that everyday as a reminder.

Despite wanting to crawl under the covers, I read the Sunday paper today, and saw your article “all about me”. Thanks to you and your inspiration, I am taking care of things.

My audition on Saturday for the role I’ve wanted for 2 years went well. I gave it my all, knowing I knew my craft. I truly felt like I was the best actress for the job!”

Thanks for your gift.

Re: The Amazing Women’s Celebration LIVE Event produced in Hawaii by RPM Success Group Inc. ®“Aloha Deborah,

Count me among those who were hesitant to give up their Saturday and then came away feeling really thankful that I did!

For me, it was a perfect day. I loved hearing each speaker share from their heart and found that each one had a powerful message that somehow “touched” MY heart. Feelings welled up inside me and quite often tears ran down my face as I could easily relate to each speaker and their personal experiences.

I especially loved the comment, “Is this it? Is this all there is?” when they arrived in Hana. … and then explained that it’s not about Hana … it is about the R O A D ………….. to ………. Hana! I truly believe that. I have been thinking about it ever since.

As I was driving to the Moana Surfrider that Saturday morning, I was asking myself why I was going to the conference … what was I expecting from it? I had no specific answer. However, on the way home I had many, many heartfelt and thankful answers!

Thank you all for such a special time and place! It was perfect! You were the perfect one to MC the program. I hope to meet you in person at some point soon. Count me in for next year, please.”

Writefully yours,
Ruthie Chong, CGA

“My colleague’s rave review of your last presentation was truly justified. I count myself fortunate to have been part of the most recent RPM Success Group event this past Tuesday. Your easy going, yet professional presentation style clearly explains your success and ready connection with your audience. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Dynamic Communication workshop. I received so much information in such a practical format that I’ve already started to use it in my trainings.”– Leonie Infantry, AT&T Trainer
Training Analyst, Special Events Planner, Lucent Technologies